The Conversation: Friday, September 1st, 2017

Adele Balderston is a place-based storyteller from Kailua who is telling the rapidly changing story of Kaka'ako.
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SEPTEMBER 1, 2017  ·    By Noe Tanigawa

SEPTEMBER 1, 2017 · By Noe Tanigawa

AUGUST 25, 2017  ·   TGIF  

AUGUST 25, 2017 · TGIF 

Walking tours share history of Kakaako

Kakaako has changed so much in recent years that it’s difficult to remember what was once there. Adele Balderston is trying to refresh old memories and generate new ones with walking-tour service 88 Block Walks...
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Walking in the past to understand the present: Adele Balderston’s 88 Block Walks

In 2014, when Kaka‘ako was on the verge of becoming a major construction site and a cluster of great, temporary places like Taste, Cocina and R/D served as developers’ cultural bait to an area with little human traffic and lots of free parking, Adele Balderston launched 88 Block Walks...
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JULY 31, 2017    ·    By  L esa Griffith

JULY 31, 2017 · By Lesa Griffith

OCTOBER 17, 2016    ·    By  Noelle Fujii

OCTOBER 17, 2016 · By Noelle Fujii

The History Of Kaka'ako, Told In Student Essays From Decades Ago

Almost a century ago, Kakaako, with its dusty streets and dilapidated houses, seemed to be asleep, just awakening to the fact that business was encroaching on its boundaries
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Park Here

“Wider sidewalks, seating and shade all promote foot traffic, which benefits local businesses,” says Adele Balderston, whose group 88 Block Walks will provide walking tours of all the Kakaako-based parklets on PARK(ing) Day.
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SEPTEMBER 14, 2015  ·  By  Christina O'Connor

SEPTEMBER 14, 2015 · By Christina O'Connor

AUGUST 12, 2015  ·  By  Molly Solomon

AUGUST 12, 2015 · By Molly Solomon

Walking Tour Uses Voices of Kaka'ako to Rediscover Past

Kaka‘ako is a neighborhood in transition, but not for the first time. A different kind of walking tour highlights the sights and sounds of an older Kaka‘ako. 
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